Monday, October 3, 2011

Bornprettystore Review

YESS!! It finally came in! I order some nail deco from . That site is legit and of course I will be ordering more from them in the future. It's the my first time ordering but my 2nd time ordering from them and they did not once fail me....yet. Anyways, I ordered 10 items and it took 2 weeks to get it in. 2 weeks is not a long time. But everyone prefer one week which I don't mind. Here it goes :) Click to enlarge and enjoy.

My package came in like this. Not to big or not to small. perfect size 

Here are my ten items that I ordered. Well, I am missing one because I forgot to take a picture of it.

10 pcs White Bowknot Shape 3D Stickers:: This is what I forgot to take a picture of. 10 little bow. Aren't they the cutest thing in the whole world. I'm afraid to use them because they are so cute and I don't want to ruin them. It's not inexpensive so it is worth getting it :)
PRICE :: $1.38

Nail Art Colorful Half Pearls Decoration Set for Nail :: This is what I have been waiting for. Pearls! I love pearls and now that I have them, I can't wait to use them. They are so cute, tiny but very pretty. And plus, the pricing was just perfect.
PRICE:: $3.55

Nail Art Colorful Baby Pearl Decoration Set Glitter:: Same as above but different colors.
PRICE:: $3.55

3 Sizes Nail Art Baby Pearl Rhinestone Decoration + Wheel :: Yay for more pearls! and it's white! With pearls, you can make any design using pearls. The pricing is not the same as the one up there because the size are different.
 PRICE: $4.14

12 Color 3D Steel Ball Nail Art Glitter Decoration:: Now these little babies are very useful. Although they are everywhere when you first use them so I hope they will calm down. Very tiny and easy to use. Love them. The pricing was okay. Should be a little bit lower since it's small but that's my opinion. 
 PRICE: $3.33

Gold & Silver 3D Steel Ball Nail Art Glitter Decoration:: You can't get enough of these. I had to get more since these run out alot!! But I loveee steel balls. They make your nails even more prettier.
PRICE:: $4.17

12 Colors Round Rhinestone Nail Art Glitter Decoration 2mm:: This is the first time having them so I am very excited to use them in the future but by just looking at them, I'm already in love with them. The price was just prefect for 12 different colors. 
PRICE:: $3.33

New Leopard & Lace Design Nail Art Stamp Template-m57 & New Stamping Sticker Nail Art Stamp Template-m65 :: I always, always wanted to get a konad stamping plate with the full image. I have the ones with the single design but not the full so these are the first two that I got and I'm loving it. The m57 are a bit too small for me which I am a bit sad about it but it's okay.  They were a bit pricing for just one plate but I guess it's all worth is.
PRICE:: $2.99 each.

10 x Flower 3D Nail Art Tips Decals Stickers Manicure:: The last thing I purchase was these babies!! I am in loveeeeee. I loveee stickers! They are very easy to use and not messing at all and no, using stickers are not a cheat. It came with ten. I didn't choose which one I want so it came in random which I don't mind at all. 10 for 4.73 is a good deal
 PRICE:: $4.73

There you have it :: My bornpretty review. I apologize if there are nay misspelling words but overall, i love them all. Total I spent was $34.17. My brother said that it wasn't a good deal but to me it was.

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